The Local Anesthesia Examination is not part of the ADEX exam series. It is an optional examination offered to any eligible Dental Hygiene professional who wishes to take the exam as part of the certification process to administer local anesthesia. The CDCA-WREB-CITA Local Anesthesia examination can be challenged with a computerized exam only, or in two parts both computerized and clinically based.

It is the responsibility of the candidate to understand the requirements of the jurisdiction in which they wish to practice and select the most beneficial format for the examination. Not all states require both a didactic, computer-based examination and a clinical examination.


Computer-Based Simulated Examination

The timed examination is 60 minutes. Multiple choice items are both discipline and case-based and have only one correct response. Up to five (5) field test questions are included, but not calculated in your final score. A maximum of 100 points is possible on the Local Anesthesia Written examination. A final score of 75.00 or higher is required to pass the Local Anesthesia Written examination.

Clinical Examination

Clinical local anesthesia is a patient-based examination. The clinical examination evaluates a candidate’s ability to utilize professional judgment and knowledge to competently administer both an Inferior Alveolar (IA) and a Posterior Superior Alveolar (PSA) nerve block injection on a patient. Candidates must successfully complete the computerized examination before challenging the patient-based clinical examination.

Candidate Manuals & Forms


Persons challenging Local Anesthesia Examinations must register for each portion separately. Each registration will first require you to create a candidate profile. Return to this page for continued access and updates.


Didactic (Computer-Based) Registration

Clinical Examination Registration


Clinical Local Anesthesia Exam Calendar


In order to register for the Dental Hygiene Local Anesthesia Exam candidates will need to create an online account. To register for the computerized exam use this link: Computerized Exam Registration. To register for the clinical exam use this link: Clinical Exam Registration. All profiles must have a passport quality photo, proof of graduation, and basic information. To avoid any additional fees we suggest making your account at least one week prior to the registration deadline. Any request to be added to an exam after the exam registration deadline needs to be submitted via Contact Us and will incur a $100 material procurement fee.

All requests to withdraw from the examination must be received by the application deadline to receive a full refund. Candidates requesting to withdraw after the application deadline will be charged a $100 admin fee.

Scheduling requests must be submitted to your profile prior to the registration deadline. While scheduling requests are not guaranteed but we do try our best to accommodate you.

Note: Outside candidates are only allowed in exams that say “Outside Candidates Accepted”


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